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Gill Apparel Men Size Chart

How to measure

Visi metriskie mērījumi ir cm, un tie ir noapaļoti līdz tuvākajam 0,5 cm

Average Height (cm)5'2"-5'4" (158-163)5'4"-5'7" (163-170)5'7"-5'10" (170-178)6'2"-6'3" (188-191)5'10"-6'1" (178-186)6'1"-6'2" (186-188)6'3"-6'5" (193-197)6'2"-6'3" (188-191)6'2"-6'3" (188-191)
Chest (cm)34"-36" (87-92)36"-38" (92-97)38"-40" (97-102)38"-40" (97-102)41"-43" (104-109)44"-46" (112-119)44" -46" (112-119)47"-49" (120-125)50"-52" (127-132)
Waist (cm)28" (71)29"-30" (74-76)31"-33" (79-84)31"-33" (79-84)34"-37" (87-94)38"-40" (97-102)38"-40" (97-102)41"-43" (104-109)44"-45" (112-115)
Inside Leg (cm)29" (74)30" (76)31" (79)33.5" (86)32" (81)33" (84)35" (89)33.5" (86)33.5" (86)



Earn up to 110 Points Points.


Buy items at Razzo Sailing online store Gill MEN’S POLAR JACKET. Whether you like to stay active either on or off the water, this dense fleece jacket helps to provide warmth and comfort, whilst remaining light and breathable. In colder conditions, participating in outdoor activities may seem more difficult but this polar jacket can be worn alone, maximising warmth but also allowing freedom of movement so you can continue to enjoy your adventure. It has a high neck and full front zip which helps to withstand wind and trap the heat and this season’s new shape and finish results in a much more stylish garment, perfect for wearing at any time.


Highly breathable
Densely knitted fabric for increased warmth and wind resistance

Fabric Composition

100% Polyester