Harken Winches

Harken Performa Winches are for racers and cruisers who use high-tech lines who need winche in smaller sizes, but want a winch as light and sturdy as carbon fiber. The Performa Design combines the efficiency of Harken Radial winche with the sand-blasted grip of its Carbon Fiber Racing Winch for a superb hybrid. Performa winches can transfer high loads to the winch with fewer wraps, allowing crew to trim and ease sails quickly and repeatedly as the wind strength and direction changes through time. Performa winche are available in sizes 40 to 60 to complement Harken’s carbon fiber product line.

Harken Electric Winches

Harken Electric Winche allows you to trim any size sail with just the push of a button. Winches can be mount in minutes without removing the drum, and can be quickly disassembled on deck. Many classic Harken blocks have a design that comes as an electric winch or can be altered into one in a few easy steps.

Harken Radial Self Tailing Winches

Harken Radial Self-Tailing Winche are designed for sailors who want light and sturdy winche with plenty of power. The gripping surface is made of diagonal ribs to help improve gripping power and reduce the line wear. When you are easing, the angle of the ribs stops the line from rising, which stops the overrides and gives the line a control release as it exits the winch. Small Boat winche are available in single speed. Self-tailing models sizes 60 and up come in two or three speeds.

Harken Classic Self Tailing Bronze Winches

The bronze look can give your yacht a more classic look, but still give you the low-friction pulling power of Harkens gearing system. The marine-grade polished bronze gives the winch more durability and corrosion resistance. Comes in different sizes and can take various line sizes.

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