Harken LOUP

Harken LOUP are ready-made soft attachments that replace heavy stainless steel shackles on racing and cruising boats. Weight savings on large offshore boats can be as much as 200 lb (91 kg).

Strong and lightweight, Harken LOUPS are constructed using multiple coils of tough Dyneema with Spectra cover— one of the most durable materials made. An annealing process ensures loads are equal on all coils. Colored tracers on the cover specify LOUPS strength by indicating the number of Dyneem coils.

Most LOUPS configurations are made by taking the block apart. If the block can’t be opened a pin called a “Dogbone” joins the LOUPS to itself.

When fitting hardware, choose the LOUPS that matches the attachment method shown in the chart. Custom length LOUPS are also available.

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