Sailing Jackets, Smocks of Razzo Sailing offer quality garments from Gill. Diligently researched and rigorously tested. Our range of sailing jackets are constructed to withstand the harshest conditions. From tough ocean racing to inshore cruising. Gill’s waterproof and breathable fabric selection offer a technical shield from the elements.

Smocks and spray tops are the dinghy sailor’s foul weather solution. The sailing smock is a top that is designed to keep water off the user during some of the roughest sailing conditions on a dinghy. In sailing, keeping dry through all splashes, waves and rain is key to the competitor’s performance and comfort in any sailing outing. The design of sailing smocks and spray tops lack the full front zipper, which means it also takes out the issues that arise as the zipper starts to wear out, such as a locked up zip, corrosion or even water leak through the zip. The advantage once the neck and wrist enclosures of a sailing smock are sealed is that the spray top creates a water proof layer that protect the core of any sailor form the spray encountered when encountering either waves or spray off of the bow.

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